VSF Wrap offers a full range of services geared towards refreshing and protecting your vehicle.

To learn more about how we can help, reach out today to our service team for an initial conversation.

Paint Protection Film

The great outdoors can quickly do a number on your paint. Scratches, scrapes, bird droppings, and more can turn your dream ride into a dud.

VSF Wrap’s Paint Protection Film is a durable clear film that acts as a barrier against anything that would diminish the finish of your vehicle. Our team uses Xpel protection film — the best product in the industry — to guarantee reliable results.

With no risk of damage to the paint during installation or removal of the film, there are no drawbacks to this process that can keep your car looking its best for years to come.

Vinyl Color Change

Vinyl wrapping has become an incredibly popular alternative to repainting for car enthusiasts and business owners alike — and for good reason!

Wrapping with vinyl offers endless customization options while adding another layer of protection over the vehicle’s original paint work. And if styles ever change or if you simply wake up one morning and want to try something new, vinyl wrap is easy to uninstall with absolutely no damage to the vehicle.

VSF Wrap offers a full selection of colours and finishes, including chrome, matte, satin, carbon fiber and brushed metal finishes. Simply give us a call and we can get started!

Custom Wrap Design

When working with vinyl wrap, there are no limitations! From full car wraps, to partial wraps, to logo and branding installations, we can do it all.

Our professional design team has helped vehicle owners like you take their vision from idea to reality. If you have an idea in mind, our creative team will help map out the design down to the last detail. Or, if you’re looking to us for inspiration, our team can help you explore some fresh looks and styles that are guaranteed to turn heads.

Whether you are looking to unleash your inner artist and create a personal look that is truly unique, or if you are a business owner looking to add more professionalism and consistency to your fleet, we’re here to help!

Commercial Wraps

Take your business from start up to stand out with a fresh commercial wrap that is guaranteed to make your brand more visible and recognizable within the regions you operate.

A commercial vinyl wrap not only adds a sense of professionalism to your service team, it also serves as a moving 24/7 billboard. Our design team can work according to existing brand specifications, or we can collaborate with you to design, print and install a brand new look for your fleet.

We install our commercial vinyl wraps using only high quality materials that are sure to last for years even in tough weather and working conditions.

Window Tint

Maintain privacy, improve comfort, and add a dose of style with VSF Wrap’s custom window tinting services.

We work within legal regulations to install custom window tinting that will put an exclamation mark on your finished car design.

As an added practical value, window tinting helps keep the interior of your car cool during the summer months by absorbing heat, while also protecting the car’s interior from damaging ultraviolet light.


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